Mzee Abdul Juma has finally spoken up after his ex-wife Sandra, disclosed that he wasn’t the biological father of Diamond Platnumz.

Addressing the paternity of Diamond, which has been a subject of discussion online, he said,

‘What she said has made me happy, I am glad and relieved. This is because there were so many things I kept asking myself, like why is it that when I want something I cannot get it but when others ask, they end up getting it? Turns out, she and her son sat down behind my back and planned their own things and now I got the answers in this short time, that I am not Diamond’s biological father.’

He added,


I am glad that now this issue can be put to rest, Tanzanians kept asking why I was spotted carrying loads and living like a pauper, now they also get their answers, I am not a beneficiary in that family as I am not the biological father.

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Mzee Abdul went ahead to criticise Mama Dangote in the interview, saying she could have told her son about his real father when he was still young.

‘This woman has failed a bit, she revealed to her son that I am not his real dad now when he is an adult. She should have done when he was still very young. There were many things that came up when we were together, like living with her, taking her to hospital when she was pregnant till she gave birth, raising him and now when the son has gained riches, it’s when she breaks the news to him and here I was asking for help little did I know I was not a beneficiary.’

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