Maribe and Itumbi

Jacque Maribe recently announced that she was taken and Kenyans couldn’t keep calm.

They have been desperately trying to find out who the lucky dude is, but it seems Maribe is going to hide him in case he exists.

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Well, the mother of one shared a photo playing pool with Dennis Itumbi and her fans are back at it thinking the two are together.

‘Somewhere in the village…conversations with @dennisitumbi
Dennis: Jacque you know how to play pool?
Me: Absolutely not
Dennis: But you know how to pool the letter K?
Me: Absolutely true
Dennis: So you know I know what we know?
Me: And yet they think they know
Confused yet? We’re sorry! she captioned.

Reactions include;

daddyowen How much is a dictionary?🤔

propesaa Hey nyi mnatuconfuse sasa

carolemidecha Hapa itabidi encyclopedia 🙆

larrykipz Unatuchanganya na kizungu Mingi eeh? Tunaelewa 😂

Jacque, whose two past relationships didn’t work, seems to have found Mr right and she’s smitten with love.

In one of the posts on her Instagram, she wrote

‘The best relationships usually begin unexpectedly.’

She added,

We laughed. A lot. Oh we laughed it out. We cried. A little. Mostly me. It was meant to be the worst day. It became the best day.

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