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A disgruntled woman has shared a touching story living many pitying her. The mother of one has revealed that her husband infected her with an STD when she was pregnant.

‘My husband used to mess around when I was pregnant and he infected me with an STD. I couldn’t live with him anymore and left the house. But shockingly, he went round telling people I was the one who infected him with an STD. He claimed I have two boyfriends and used t bring them in our matrimonial home. I have cried for long I begged. I feel so used so damn exhausted, so damaged. I will never forgive him even in death,’ she posted.

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Reactions include;

the_lagos_shopper Hey sis, the pain will go away, the best way is TO LET GOD FIGHT FOR YOU,its before that nemesis takes long, not anymore, please BE STRONG, he won’t go scot-free!!

mr_denny1 File for divorce and move on. One thing is sure, he is gonna come back on his knees begging you to forgive and come back. Then you will tell him to make a public confession and yet ditch him

ladyemerald11 God will help us not marry destiny destroyers as husbands amen

mz_sovereign You had STDs knowing u aren’t cheating and u couldn’t confront him???? When will u women know ur worth and stop giving this men discount!!!!

okhlahoman When you know a man is reckless with finance and his genitals…don’t marry him..don’t ignore the signs, Don’t be desperate cause of your age. Just let go

iamprincessinfluencial I feel your pain.. Trust me a lot of people will tell you to move out and move on. there’s nothing prayers cannot change.

precious Wow this is terrible…. I feel your pain sis. Just leave him and have peace of mind

beckyyy_coker I don’t even know what to say to her😢…the way some men will hurt you, you’ll ask God if you offended someone in your previous life

racynights Mama you are strong woman. Try and be far Kenyan from him. Karma and God will collabo in his matter.

c.a.r.a.m.e.l_s.h.u.g.a 😢😢😢😢😢i feel your pain God will uplift you and wipe your tears away.🙏🙏🙏🙏A lot is happening behind closed doors.

dechiz_e 🤦🏽‍♀️ most men though Relationship/marriage be so scary..

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