Diamond's father

Diamond Platnumz’ mother Sandra Kassim has left tongues wagging after revealing that Mzee Abdul, a man believed to be her son’s father isn’t.

Sandra, who’s popularly known as Mama Dangote revealed this in an interview with Wasafi TV. The 31-year-old Tanzanian crooner was raised by Mzee Abdul but he isn’t the biological father.

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His mother revealed that she met Mzee Abdul when she was already pregnant for Diamond’s father Salum Iddi Nyange, who’s now late.

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Diamond's father Diamond's father Diamond's father

abboumossab Kalas ssa ile nyimbo ya Harmonize imebuma🤣🤣🤣

esaugrite Duuuuh! Respect to you mama Dangote

_esmaplatnumz Uwiiiiih

babutale #DiamondWaMoro #shemejiKitambo Moro woyeeeeee

surgentcroxx08 Baba ni mlezi…any fool can be a father.😡😡

oliversocrate The world is full of wonders.

kingngaratz If I was Mzee Abdul I would not care as long if I have done good or bad deeds, what I would be praying for is for more life to see how this unveils

walker_mlastborn Na wanafanana si uongo

dixxie.u Anayeumia hapa ni Diamond..I feel bad for him…

la_familia_omar Waswahili walisema…Mama Ndio Anajuwa mtoto Babake ni Nani

dr_sandra_mamadangote Woyoooooooooo copy kama copy

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